BITCOIN'S BULL RUN HAS BEGUN? Bitcoin Cash Litecoin VeChain Dogecoin Elon Musk Ontology

BITCOIN'S BULL RUN HAS BEGUN? Bitcoin Cash Litecoin VeChain Dogecoin Elon Musk Ontology

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Timothy Mario says:

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Marciano Silva says:

has a very interesting project and is very devalued compared to the ico, calls Araw token is less than 2 more sat guess it can reach easy to 100 sat

Nik Lyons says:

I unsubbed to krown.. Just didn't like his snotty attitude.. But I'm a moonboy and these wall st bear trader types just are in it for the fiat for the most part. But if I knew how to make a gain through trading I'd do it too.. Then I'd buy a time capsule and fill it with crypto. Don't think uncle sam isn't coming for your crypto

Rebecca Shearer says:

Cryptocurrency is no doubt still in its infancy stage. You can sign up with Bitrearer to earn some Bitcoin or any of their other supported altcoins with the option to compound your profits daily.

8Sxp3pHz says:


David Czajkowski says:

Last time I watched we were going to $2500 and not to buy… Crown said take a vacation and not to invest for a year…strong words.

Edward Park says:

Hey Elliot, recommend you interview Crypto Face. His TA is amazing.

Father Finger says:


Elijah McArthur says:

Why does everyone pronounce it DOJ Coin it's got a Dog on it it's meant to be pronounced Dog E Coin 😁

Lillia Collins says:

Why do people always expect FUD to tell them which way BTC will go? he's just a youtuber and He does a great job providing TA analysis, which is backwards based. Use your nose to predict real future moves. If it's not working for you, Flush it out, Train it!If BTC hits a million dollars, it will be Bitcoin time traveler.It would crush the dollar, countries would have no choice but consider it legal tender. It would also allow true free market conditions without currency manipulation by countries. Me personally have been trading btc for 4 years now and in my personal opinion there's no way that bitcoin isn't going to skyrocket in value, especially since countries suffering from hyperinflation like venezuela, Malawi, south sudan..etc are strongly looking to integrate bitcoin more so that they can go grocery shopping and pay in btc and other crpto currency. This will continually drive more people to buy some btc for personal use and of course invest in the future, me personally have been earning consistent amount of bitcoin since i met Mauricio pierce 6 months ago, that i actually had to quit my day job because his trading signals are so on point that i make profts consistently and if you're determined like me in making profits from BTC and looking for professional advice from a trading expert?? i suggest you write him mauricio on ( Mauriciopierce8@ gmail com I'm sure he'll listen to what you have to say.

crypto darthmarc says:

i want a shirt elliot or a cap lol

david antony says:

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GoofyBoots1000 says:

It was pumped and dumped.

bruce thompson says:

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Gold Lion says:

Didn’t you say that most of your funds are in USDT? It felt to you like bitcoin is about to drop? No doubt, it is just a FUD TV.

Michiel Van Kets says:

why did they make an extra effort to buy those 20k btc's on exchanges in such a short time?

they wanted it to be visible; they're going to play short

if they were to go long, they would have been buying cautiously and hidden and over a longer period; but they didn't … they made an effort to make it spectacular; it's a fucking pump and dump

but with a freaking $100.000.000 … balls !

Cr`/pto MikE Subscribe says:

The funny thing is that I didn't even notice until you said something about it… the swelling on your jaw

VoskCoin says:

You get a ton of engagement, especially for your channel size (by subscriber) keep up the great work.

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