Bitcoin: What You’re Not Being Told

Bitcoin: What You’re Not Being Told

Bitcoin has a fatal design flaw that almost no one is talking about. The current bubble is just the tip of the iceberg.
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Leif Cid says:

This did not age well.
#bitcoin is #freedom

Bit coin talk says:

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Ehsaan Pro says:

You will lose all your credibility if you start making dumb videos like this.

utahnate says:

Man, I really wish I bought bitcoin when it was at that thousand dollar bubble price!

Kurdish Investor says:

This planet doesnt have enough energy/electricity for us for 100 years let alone bitcoin mining looool

chanan sack says:

This is old and outdated – scaling has advanced greatly and this video is making people think too simply about bitcoin, causing demage.

Peter Petrov says:

My bank holds records of my transactions for 18 months. How uncool is that?! What if I get audited and need to redo my taxes? But I stay with them because how can I say no to a monopoly which will use my money to bail themselves out when they gambled all your money and lost everything? So anyway, THAT's why I love Bitcoin!

sneaking_ weasel says:

what a terrible video

Escape the Matrix says:

There's no need to download the entire blockchain. Who the hell is this guy? He doesn't know what he's talking about.

Sal De'Friez says:

FUCK! I should have done more research into this back when I watched this video. God, I'm such an idiot!

Hamed Alwafi says:

Stupid and ignorant

Jalex Raps says:

People are saying the same thing now and look where it's at!

SanktGallus says:

This is bitcoin cash you are talking about …

Jason Weigler says:

Guуs I just fоund this аwеsоmе cash gеnеrаtоr:(just go to)

Andrew redman says:

Ha ha ha downloading the block chain lol

Rebecca Myers says:

I can;t go down to the local feed store and buy food for my animals, or pay for vet bills with it or buy a car or fencing for my sheep or purchase more sheep or buy a bigger place to live to farm more sheep. But I can use my sheep as trading stock to get what I need to continue raising sheep. So in a sense, my sheep are more valuable than bitcoin. lol. I love my sheep. Farming is where it's at folks. Without a farmer, you don't eat. But you have a lot of bitcoins. lol.

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