Bitcoin took a dive in 2018, but where is cryptocurrency headed in 2019?

Bitcoin took a dive in 2018, but where is cryptocurrency headed in 2019?

BlaKFX COO Kara Coppa on the future of cryptocurrency.



Christian Atheist says:

"So they can't control inflation " the most revealing statement ever made on television.

Carlos Cab says:

do not buy bitcoin… till it hit 1900 in 2 months

joseph wang says:

The question of Bitcoin being a currency or a store of value twice and she didn’t even answer the damn question, shame

Pumba says:

This is mainstream media, do the opposite of what they say

jay green says:

What a terrible interview, she seemed to know very little

Ant C says:

BITCOINSV is the future

Boba Bonanza says:

Wth are these idiots even talking about, these people have no clue what they are talking about. Anonymous!?! this shit is a permit open distributed ledger that anyone can look at, trace and analyze. Bitcoin is just the start but don't fool yourselves, the only app for this is money! Hard money, smart money, liquid money, ownership money, networked money. It's all about money, nothing else. Programmable money, you can write a smart contract that works with an app, say you create a new social media platform where you have to put money into the contract to gain access, then when you upvote someones post the smart contract executes and automatically takes some of your money and sends it to the poster. Then when you post and get upvotes you will get money from others, this changes the way people engage with others.

The entire point is for the average person to take control away from governments and to enjoy freedom with or without permission.

Batman says:

She’s trash. Sounds like a politician

theDude says:

Bitcoin is not anonymous. It a distributed OPEN ledger technology. This is posted by someone in Africa.

Truce says:

"Bitcoin a collectible" ???? HAHAAA YEAH RIGHT!!!

Jaime Y says:

Do news networks research anything anymore? So many talking points have been debunked long ago. Fox gave a good promotion for whatever company that woman works for though.

Rlarkin Investments LLC Larkin says:

How incredibly ignorant the press is…OMG. Bitcoin is absolutely traceable..DUH!! It cost more to mine it than to "make it." What an idiot! How do these people not get fired for being stupid.

Work With Nature says:

Haha the biggest heist in human history, Na that would be the inflation scam stealth taxing the middle class. Crypto is still a tiny market compared to most other markets. Love how people make an elephant out of a mouse. Just fact check this comment if you don't believe me πŸ˜‰

Leo Consumi says:

She didnt answer one question

AKman says:

let ARB make you ETH, best platform that has gone up while ETH has been going down.

matthe ai says:

0:30 bastard women idiot no brain

Jasmine Khan says:

Invest box 100% return 0n

joshua Dar says:

That US Army lost or unaccounted 5 trillion dollars just saying

Dan Ross says:

If it's not anonymous, how the fuck am I supposed to buy my onions!

JojoboyPlayz says:

My dad put 5000 a month and got 500k out of it before the heist So lucky

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