Bitcoin to $250K Once Gold's MarketCap Is Overtaken? | Samson Mow, CSO at Blockstream

Bitcoin to $250K Once Gold's MarketCap Is Overtaken? | Samson Mow, CSO at Blockstream

Is Bitcoin headed to $100K? $250K? To the moon? Blockstream CSO Samson Mow discusses the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency at #blockshow2019 in Singapore.

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Cointelegraph says:

Key moments:
0:30 — Will Bitcoin ever be replaced by something better?
3:26 — Why are cryptocurrencies switching to proof-of-stake?
4:56 — What is your Bitcoin price prediction for 2020?
6:23 — Can you see a future where blockchain exists without cryptocurrencies?
7:55 — Do you believe in private blockchains?
8:54 — Is Chinese support of blockchain a threat to cryptocurrencies?

Scutch says:

This Bitcoin maximalism stuff is insanely absurd. There will be several decentralized ledgers that will open up entirely new DLT use cases that Bitcoin cannot be used for. We're still incredibly early in cryptographic technological development, and to assume that there's no need for any of the other projects that have accrued a massive amount of talented developer mind share is shortsighted.

Crypto Ninja says:


The Nerd Robert says:

yeah Avarage Joe! keep giving your paycheck to me.!! now we are going into massive bear market like GOLD has 20 years of pain after 1980.. all historical trends are broken good luck hodlers.

Preston Collins says:

250k is my TP ….. for 2024 bull…. but im not telling you the bottom 😀

Adam TV says:

There are actually tons of things that Bitcoin CAN'T do.

Lee's Uploads says:

I cant understand why people hate on Bitcoin. All coins are pegged to Bitcoins price. If Bitcoin drops so do the shitcoins.

Alex Borisov says:


First sentence of the white paper. A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online
payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a
financial institution.

evkapoc says:

Consider BEAM

Winston Wolf says:

You are all being drip fed bitcoin by the people that have lots. You are all fools.

Winston Wolf says:

Cryptocurrency is the biggest pyramid scheme in history

Winston Wolf says:

Now it's being dumped again.

Winston Wolf says:

No it's just the end 🤣

Beaux5452 says:

XRP is censorship resistant, secure, infinitely faster and scalable PLUS transaction fees are next to nothing. Digibyte is another solid one that has all those qualities but yet the Bitcoin maxis will scream shitcoin, banker coin this and that. These people really do have a cult like attitude to Bitcoin when they flat out ignore or talk shit about other projects they know NOTHING about. P.s I both like and own Bitcoin I'm just growing tired of the Bitcoin maxis and the occasional arrogant nonsense they spit out.

uhlijohn says:

Litecoin can take Bitcoin's place. Digibyte can replace it. There are no foundations controlling them. But Bitcoin has a big problem: the Fed will use the CME Bitcoin futures contract to cap its price. Anyone who thinks the Fed will allow Bitcoin to take off for the moon unimpeded is smoking dope. The Fed manipulates all markets and it hates any competition with it fiat money that it creates by the trillion at the click of a mouse.

Breaking Toast says:

all i got from this was that he is a bitcoin fanboy everything else is shit wow waste of time yes butcoin will pump but dont discard newer teçh so quickly

LittlePaws says:

This guy is smart and thinks👍

WasabiNinja says:

If it surpasses Gold it would be over $333k per BTC. Gold has around a $7 trillion dollar market cap divided by 21 million BTC = 333k.

Kai Bresser says:

Sorry but this sounds like being sceared about proof of stake to me 😉

monty shmonty says:

Bitcoin is the daddy, I agree

William Mann says:

Can't wait until 99% of the market is wiped out. Who buys the s%+t coins that have no use. Brad from Ripple is correct. People should invest in only the top 1% this would increase price.

smokingskill says:

Vitalik and his cronies… Tokens are all Ethereum smart contracts are for… This guy's full of shit.

Jaabir Al-Qarni says:

Sure no one controls bitcoin and its 1mb scale. BCH is the true bitcoin

René Bijloo says:

We need much more education about public blockchains. Should be part of secondary school.

René Bijloo says:

Only old fashioned materialists think that gold is better than bitcoin. When they die out, new generations will have no doubt.

Laughing Clown says:

He's Charlie Lee's friend don't get your hopes 2 high

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