Bitcoin Price Is Crashing?! How Do We Stop it? Economic Freedom Coming Soon? Bitcoin Cash News

Bitcoin Price Is Crashing?! How Do We Stop it?  Economic Freedom Coming Soon?  Bitcoin Cash News

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All the latest Bitcoin Cash news presented this week by Roger Ver, CEO of and Daniel Kelman, international lawyer and solicitor & long time friend of Roger and

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Full Show Notes

► Bitcoin Cash BCH | Majority of Exchanges and Industry leaders Associating ABC as Bitcoin Cash BCH
Some of the largest exchanges and key players are continuing to use the ABC software or have combined BCH with BCHABC
Bitpay, Coinbase, Kraken, CoinText, Hivr App, TipprBot, Huobi, CoinEx, Bithumb, Coin Market Cap, Bitcoin Cash Association and an ongoing list of projects and developments continuing to build on Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Business as usual with BCH moving on as the Honey Badger of money!

► JOHNNY ‘BITCOIN’ CASH | Bitcoin Cash sponsored clydesdale.
Mike Reed & The Tampa Bay BCH meetup group have sponsored Jonny Bitcoin Cash, a Clydesdale Horse at Quantum Leap Farms.

Quantum Leap Farms is “Helping people of all ages and abilities grow strong, achieve therapeutic goals and overcome challenges by engaging them with horses.”


► | New Spanish Livestream
Livestreams on YouTube every Wednesday 2:30pm EST
Videos and content posted on Facebook page and on Twitch
Visit for news, forum and much more!


► BADGER | Fork of Metamask for BCH powered by BitBox
Currently supports wormhole and SLP tokens, with Plans for plugin architecture so any token protocol can use Badger.

► BADGER BUTTON | Perfect Money Button Alternative
100% open source under MIT licence


►HONEST.CASH | New uncensorable Social network powered by Bitcoin Cash | Alternative to
Earn Bitcoin Cash for creating creative and valuable content!
Uncensorable, Community driven & fully open source, Earn BCH for engaging with posts and creating


►ERC721 Tokens | Now available on BCH
Non-fungible tokens now available with ERC 721 on the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem

Now live on , and in Wormhole SDK with lots more coming to BCH!


►BCHD FULL NODE | Nutrino Wallet for Bitcoin Cash
BCH users now have access to the experimental wallet, which focuses on strong network-level privacy.


Adding Security to Unconfirmed BCH Transactions

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►Jan Helfeld Videos
Here is Jan’s channel:

►►Bernie Sanders Interview:

►►Taxation is Voluntary with Harry Reid:

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At least 99% expected return on all games!
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Comments - Official Channel says:

Post your questions and comments below and they may get answered on next weeks segment! If you have any ideas for a collaboration between and Jan Helfeld – we'd love to hear those too.

Daniele Sbordone says:

Bitcoin Cash , Bitcoin Diamond , Bitcoin Gold , Bitcoin Private , one big happy family of jack coins.

Amadeo Brands says:

I'm also in Manila what your doing there? Would be cool to meetup

Engr. Jawwad Sadiq says:

Forces want #Bitcoin back into
3 Digit Price.

Your technical analysis please?

ThanksMia says:

They already cashed out they don't care


It’s sad the fork destroyed bch prices

celebrityserb says:

They live in Fantasy World. Cryptocurrency World is down due to this clowns 🤡

S Murt says:


Miss J says:

you both look happy and smug to help crash btc

Xander Thompson says:

BSV is the real bitcoin and you should be ashamed of stealing the ticker with your rented hash. 80% miners supported SV before the fork.

Erwache says:

Roger Ver singelhandendly killed Bitcoin.

Jacob Johnson says:

Fuck the State. Let's overthrow our oppressive dictatorial overlords. We own ourselves.

Gaurab Kr. Sarma says:

How will BCHABC prevent 51% attack?

Cheeky says:

We need more BCH giveaways/competitions/rewards for people promoting BCH. Especially now with BSV trolling & attacking BCH

Otto Nomicus says:

Cost you and Craig both over a mil. Was it worth it?

Jacob Johnson says:


Claret Tea says:

CSW real motives? – What better way to get out of a 5-10B law suit? Fearmonger, attack the market to reduce the asset

to zero… Kliemn estate seeking reasonable market value of BTC in fiat.

Alleged forged trust contract also states ‘All bitcoin will be returned to Dr right on 1 January 2020,’

(Note that CSW didnt have a PhD then). He has stated he WANTS and that BTC WILL BE gone by the

end of next year.

Yashas Manikkar says:

These retarded puppets just make it worse for mass adoptions by crashing prices for ego/hash war

scott walsh says:

Question: What do you know about banking and currency?

busymountain says:

Nice job guys.

scott walsh says:

I didn't know who this guy was before he crashed the price of bitcoin a week or two ago. Just another Josh Garza, who gets to go to prison in January for his bitcoin mining ponzi scheme. Oh yeah, this jerkoff is going to go back to prison, if he is lucky. DUH!
He has a IQ of 4.

Josko Sestan says:

No suggestions on how we stop Bitcoin Price from crashing !!

scott walsh says:

You are the reason the price of Bitcoin crashed. You have set the cryptocurrency world back years. I hope some asian chops your head off. Just because you escaped prison and the USA don't think they don't have people who come and get criminal scum like you. Of course your forked and reforked shitcoin will go down in history with all the other scammers who have rode the Bitcoin train for quick and easy cash. There is a special place in hell reserved for you and your kind. Oh wait, you are in it, you have to live with yourself and what you have done. You are just a total scumbucket loser!

Th Ni says:

Where is Corbin Fraser?

лера окунькович says:

Keep all your investments only in bitcoin! This year all altcoins will recede from their positions! There will be only Bitkoin, Efirium and a Telegram's token

RocRoc says:

Real businesses will never build their businesses on the chain forking every year.. That is just the reality.

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