Bitcoin Price $333,000 Prediction – Fact or Fantasy

Bitcoin Price $333,000 Prediction – Fact or Fantasy

Bobby Lee is calling for Bitcoin to reach $333,000 by the end of 2021. Does his prediction mean anything, could he be correct?

Bitcoin Bull Bobby Lee Says BTC by Jan 2019 at $2,500 USD but by Dec 2021 at $333,000 USD


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The Crypto Lark says:





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Carmen Yulin Cruz says:

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Ross says:

Cashless society equals slavery: Bitcoin only brought forth the blockchain payment system of which every bank has hired their own programmers to design and patent their own ledgers that incorporate their already existing infrastructure. ALL crypto’s ARE dead because of this fact AND the government legally defining any crypto as an speculative asset. End of discussion. Not even blockchain companies are going to last for the simple reason it’s just a program, taught easily online, that programmers can be hired, which EVERY MAJOR BANK HAS ALREADY DONE.

250 says:

You need a haircut dawg.

Tja Crypto says:

Maybe we’ll go down to $333 then moonshot to $333000 😂🙏

Jim Bone says:

The END of Bitcoin's NEXT bull run will happen on Sunday, May 10, 2020 (Mother's Day). The price will be somewhere North of $100K by that time, but whatever it is, that will be its peak price set on Mother's Day 2020. The rhetoric here about $333K happening during late 2021 WON'T happen…

Mino Saada says:

My Prediction, i don't know what's gonna happen.

roachtoasties says:

Click bait.

KingsRight says:

It has never been about the 'bulls' and 'bears'…. it is about the 'salmon' and 'bears'. 
As the fish try to blindly swim up-stream [driving up price], the bears wait at the bottom for them to tire before skinning them alive.
Are you a salmon [emotional buyer]? or are you a bear [savy.. where the whales hang]?

Don't expect 'big money' from institutions to drive up any price, as they always bid it down..  emotional buyers are what you can thank because they mindlessly pay whatever the asking price is.

KingsRight says:

boo.  so many better options.  If you like coins/tokens that are just built mainly for payment, then invest in XRP or Stellar Lumens.
if you want a real structure more like ethereum, for dapps/smart-contracts/building businesses on, then Cardano, Neblio, Dragonchain, NEM, are the best offerings.. NEO too is good, but i like the other 4 i mentioned best.  I also hear good things about Ziliqa.

ALL are at a much better discount and ALL are much more suitable for the future.

KingsRight says:

what infrastructure?  that is just all talk to hype it.  it isn't really going to happen.  Invest in blockchains only with real products first.
Even if btc wanted to change it can't because it is not built for flexibility.. so IF a feature is added it just ends up resulting in a clone that carries that feature, while btc is still the same.  all of the clones of btc are better than it.
Btc itself doesn't evolve.. its offspring is where the evolution happens.

Cardano is fork-proof and flexible enough to adapt.  It is being designed from the ground up to be future-proof.

easemailbox says:

Some great tell tale signs… Massive wallets accumulating, infrastructure implementation, major steps toward mass adoption. It's very exciting. I am more than happy for this bear market to stay awhile as I love to accumulate every pay check.

anh muoi says:

it will be at $1 soon

DazzFire - Rhiannon says:

Someone (K-Dub?) said that the prediction was that BTC would hit $333,000 and then crash down to $41,000. Even the "crash" would be nice from here though!

Al DeTrolio says:

The fibonacci for BTC's 3rd Wave is about 85K, not 333K. Lee is full of crypto crap. So is anyone who has been buying the dip and dollar cost averaging in during this BEAR market. They are obviously clueless as well. (hint, hint.) Because HODLing and buying the dip, are BULL market strategies, not Bear market ones. (stop, re-read that, think about it for a few moments and hopefully the light bulb will come on and wake you up.) If it does not, no worries… your IQ is probably a little low, and that is not your fault. LOL But for those of you who were sincerely tricked last year with that propaganda being pumped at you by every youtuber with a microphone… you never throw GOOD MONEY in to correct the errors of BAD money. You sometimes have no choice but to let bad money die, but you should always immediately sell as soon as you realize the mistake. NEVER ADD TO THE MISTAKE. That is called being "dumb money". That is what the video announcer just proudly proclaimed that he has been doing ALL YEAR LONG as the price continued to plummet. He is apparently proud of hat ignore-ance, and continues to do so. That is financial suicide…. and it shows a total lack of financial understanding. If he had simply sold back to fiat at the top, or even as soon as he recognized the error, and then held the fiat till bitcoin reached the bottom, he could then buy himself 10 times the number of alt coins (or maybe MORE) with the same amount of capital. Which would later translate into 10 times, or maybe MORE the amount of profit in a year or two. But to try to explain this to people usually falls on deaf ears because they do not want to face that the way they have been doing spending their fiat is incorrect.

e- serve says:

every experts prediction fail

Yacobus Fitri says:

Please tell me how they get $333,000 and end 2021!

Garth Williams says:

People saying BTC is dead are very stupid to say such a thing…i prefer to buy btc now before it moons again.
Most alt coins will be wiped out for more than half of them are all scams.

ImPaulsive says:

It's a fantasy until proven a fact 🙂

Jonathan Keith Jacobs says:

The internet boom is amazing …it allows an amazing person (you) to have a channel! Keep the great videos coming 😉

Mark Panbecker says:

Once the 21 million BTC are mined there will be no incentive for miners. Transaction fees will have to be lower than debit or CC or why would businesses want them? Low transaction fees will not be worth the miners time and they will move on to mine other coins. BTC infrastructure collapse is inevitable.

Mark Panbecker says:

BTC is actually on the way of being phased out just when the herd think it is being phased in.

Govt coins will make BTC obsolete as you will be forced to use only fed coins.

Dream on about fed coins? Several countries ALREADY HAVE govt coins in place and the US will be not that far behind.

BTC will have no value since it wont be able to be used as a payment. Target is zero that is the fundamental reason BTC is heading down.

Ashveer Mohadeo says:

Doesn’t feel like the price is ever gone go up again 😞

amir karimi says:

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sean kuykendall says:

I don't wanna see mcafee eat his junk…. yuh weirdo! You wanna see that? Disgusting!

GameBroski says:

I will buy more if it breaches 3k and then again around $1300 if that happens. otherwise im pretty happy with my position.

Wulfmanrox says:

the mcafee-Johnson line is the ONLY line!!! HODL

marco sabatini says:

Your awsome man thank you 👆

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