Bitcoin on the verge of becoming worthless?

Bitcoin on the verge of becoming worthless?

Santa Clara University Finance Professor Atulya Sarin on the outlook for bitcoin.



fllamber says:

Maybe bitcoin is not the way, the tecnology has to be scalable, wich now bitcoin is not.
However, the tecnology, Blockchain, is very powerfull. It can store value.

In the future, we all will use some Blockchain based currency to avoid the governament.

Kirk Pratt says:

Exactly. Bitcoin is a complete scam!

felix gauthier says:

Behzad Mesri is wanted for his alleged involvement in criminal activities to include unauthorized access to computer systems, stealing

proprietary data from those systems, and attempted extortion for approximately $6 million in Bitcoin. On November 8, 2017, a grand jury in

the United States District Court, Southern District of New York, indicted Mesri and a federal arrest warrant was issued for him after he was

charged with Computer Fraud โ€“ Unauthorized Access to a Protected Computer; Wire Fraud; Computer Fraud โ€“ Threatening to Impair the

Confidentiality of Information; Computer Fraud โ€“ Threatening to Damage a Protected Computer/Impair the Confidentiality of Information;

Interstate Transmission of an Extortionate Communication; and Aggravated Identity Theft….BITCOIN===MADE IN USA..THIS FBI MOST WANTED LIST…IN LIES THE TRUST..

TheCommentBeatKiller says:

If bitcoin is only worth 1 dollar and I need to send 1 thousand bitcoins to someone to pay for something. It still works out for me.

Darkmand8 says:

Keep going down so I can buy it lol

Lavalambtron says:

Yep the elites managed to destroy the people's dreams again.

TheQuixoticelixer says:

โ€œHasnโ€™t lived up to the hype…โ€ so itโ€™s got to go die? How does that work buddy? Itโ€™s value will be known soon. 1 trillion left stocks this week? Obviously the rich have gotten out of an over saturated stock market. Where do you think their money is going? Commodities, gold, and the scarcest of them all, BTC.

TreeFiddy says:

$3000 a coin is more expensive than 99% of the stocks on the market. Most stock being less than $100 per share. Hardly worthless. Even at $1k a coin, it is still a lot of money.

Paul Coffman says:

Way of the VCR

Stewart Es says:

They telling the truth, if costing of mining bitcoin is high compare to the value of bitcoin now is low, people quit of mining, so bitcoin would not be effective tool for transferring value. and the other reason is that the Government do not support bitcoin, because bitcoin is "decentralized", so Government does not keep record of transaction, so no one can pay tax. I believe that Government will create their own crypto "centralized" to officially use in the future, so they may keep record of your transaction that you will be charge tax. if you want to against them, know that they always have weapons to destroy you, you don't have any option but to obey them. so in my opinion for future currency is not bitcoin, but it will be centralized crypto currency.

True H says:

Time to buy then

Save America TV says:


incipidsigninsetup says:

Keep talking so the cost lowers and I can buy in. There's a reason millionaires, nation states, banks and industry are going all in on Bitcoin as we speak.

Don't listen to these fools. Do your research. Find out what the big money and the organizations are doing. Ask yourself why the big money is buying over the counter where their purchase won't affect the price. Ask yourself why investors are creating bitcoin storage areas inside of mountains. Don't listen to Fox or MSNBC or the MSM, they know what's happening behind the scenes and they don't want you to know.

zakc1982 says:

Always do the complete opposite to what mainstream media want.
The last thing they want is for the masses to get rich from bitcoin.

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