In today’s video, Christopher Greene reports Donald Trump bitcoin 2019.

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Mark Stark says:

Funny thing is everyone is talking about regulation is coming, but 3 years after regulation is still coming, dont worry boys thats hilarious

BUGmouth ready says:

Heya Chris ya duche bag

Sherri Williams says:

What has happened is now your course is in threat quit trying to harm the. Prople. The only reason I say subscribe to you is to look listen to Chad

Game Hacks says:

Huge bitcoin dump, just dropped 10bil in value in a matter of minutes. And you couldn’t teach anyone ! You are so bad at giving advice. If you are not a Financial advisor you have absolutely no place in telling people how to invest their money.

thekreal says:

Stack the Satoshi's

L4WNY says:

Ooooh you let us know alright……. In EVERY video you do!! 🤣🤣

Ash Fisher says:

Bitcoin no good without electricity or internet cant trade Hold Gold silver in your hand Bitcoin built on fluff no foundation LL Hype speculation like network marketing

azerovc says:


Bora Can says:

If this is not bad news for bitcoin then what is it? Every bad news is good news every good news is good news come onnnnn!!! Then tell me what could be bad news for bitcoin?!!

rodgersericv says:

Trump essentially admitted that the dollar is losing its reserve currency status. Everyone knows what the future is, but many refuse to believe what they know in their heart is true. I don't trust the dollar, and I don't trust cryptocurrencies. What happens if you are heavily invested in BitCoin, and tomorrow it is illegal? Gold and silver are real money. Not BitCoin and not the US dollar.

rodgersericv says:

Christopher, are you in prison yet?

Will King says:

Every time the Government mentions "National Security". The Government likes to strip another Right from the Citizens.
Just like they did with 9/11, and the creation of "The Patriot Act". Nothing Patriotic about the "Patriot Act". Ali in the name of, "National Security"..

Philipp Zöller says:

If btc was the best performing asset in the past, i would be very careful to bet on it the next few years. This could hurt much.

Ryan Davis says:

Unsubcribed. only stayed for the laughs.

Ryan Davis says:

Fearmongering red eyed demon cause fear so they sell just after you do.. then buy when it goes low. Trickery.

Lee Tibensky says:

you always tell us how many DOLLARS its worth, so ill just stick with dollars. crypto is just dumb.

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