Bitcoin is Trending! Bitcoin Cash Returns To Exchanges and Roger Ver loves Criminals?

Bitcoin is Trending! Bitcoin Cash Returns To Exchanges and Roger Ver loves Criminals?

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Full Show Notes

► BitPay | Bitcoin Cash Payments Return
Customers can again choose to pay in Bitcoin Cash at checkout, and merchants will be able to receive settlements and issue refunds in Bitcoin Cash.

To celebrate, use code BCHISBACK for 20% off at


►Coinbase | Bitcoin Cash Buy and Sells re-enabled
Full functionality for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) including buys, sells, sends and receives were re-enabled on Coinbase Pro, Coinbase Prime, and the iOS and Android apps.

►BCH and BSV | Split Coins on CoinEx and EdgeWallet
CoinEx withdrawals are now open for BCH and BSV


Edge Wallet:

►Google Trends | “Bitcoin” Hits Highest Level Since April
Google searches for the work “Bitcoin” are up at levels not seen since the first week in April.


►State of Ohio | Accepting Bitcoin Bitcoin for Taxes
Businesses in Ohio can now pay their taxes in Bitcoin, making the state the first in the nation to accept cryptocurrency officially.


►BCH Upgrade | Recent additions OP_Checkdatasig and CTOR
Important new protocol changes have been applied to the blockchain

CTOR Link:
OP_Check Link::

► | File-sharing Platform on the BCH Blockchain


►Anthony Pompliano | Joins the Podcast Network this Week.


►CEO of Overstock | Exits Retail Business to Focus on Blockchain

►Korean Lawmakers | Introduce Bill to Promote Development of Crypto Exchanges
Korean lawmaker Kim Sun-dong, announced last week that he has initiated the Digital Asset Trading Promotion Act.


►Birks Fine Jewelers | Now accepting Bitcoin Cash
Partnership with Bitpay has announced its plan to accept bitcoin cash (BCH) and bitcoin core (BTC) for products and services at eight select locations


►OFAC | Fails to block Bitcoin Transactions proving Bitcoin is permissionless.


►Edward Snowden | Talks Bitcoin Value
The famed whistleblower recently spoke in favor of bitcoin’s capacity to function as a money during an interview.

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kajaesperanto says:

I get where you're coming from about Dash vs Monero but now that Monero has implented bulletproofs you can't really say they aren't making an effort with regards to on-chain scaling.

Also I think you're underestimating the effect that a premine/instamine can have on building a huge palace on top of a foundation of cards. Just a little premine can pinch the market, send the price up, and that inflow of capital can be used to create a fly-by-night ecosystem. Satoshi himself dreamed of privacy coins. At the end of the day we invest in BCH, not because it has the most advanced cryptographic features, but because it has so many talented people invested in it and working on it to turn it into P2P digital cash for the world. When you have a coin with a premine or instamine, all the support can just be smoke and mirrors.

Loved the podcast. Very entertaining. Just found The Law on Wikisource.

Joakim Holmer says:

With all respect guys – after having followed CoingGeek London during recent days, this show you provide, feels more like Boys Presenting something at School. Grow up maybe? Cheers.
-Joakim Holmer 🥏🥏🥏

FEhero says:

Roger think you could afford a proper microphone.

Joakim Holmer says:

BSV – Yes Please!
-Joakim Holmer 🥏🥏🥏

Esteban Saa says:

bad moment to show support for XRP, bad call.

james {{{ G }}} says:

~ℨℨ~ 😎 ~ℨℨ ~

Lunkyful says:

I still don't see bcc back on binance only bchabc.

Why is that?

IWTBF says:

Funny who ever Roger does these with, they always look to him as they talk as if they need reassurance or something ?

Cryptopolis says:

I sent some unsplit BCH to Kraken yesterday. They did not credit me with any BSV, only BCH(ABC). Still keep checking, but so far nothing.

Riccardo Caffagni says:

And let's start trading again my 500 BCH. I had totally forgot them in the fridge.

Pham Nuwen says:

Someone should poke Tesla or other EV networks about accepting BCH for charging and car buying.

Ripple isn't money, as far as I can tell. There are no wallets, for example. Therefore, even if they have adoption in the short term by the banks, they will be replaced, along with the banks, by real p2p cash in the end. Hence XRP is speculation, not an investment.

Noxtreme says:

Can I move my BchAbc off coinbase at this point and still get my sv or do I need to leave them until they finish whatever they need to do?

Pham Nuwen says:

A quick calculation for 15 tpd for everybody on Earth gives me a bandwidth on the order of 3gbps (300 byte tx). Anyone care to check my math?

Huckelberry Finne says:

How did Roger end up owning the URL? I know Tradehill owned it at one point. How did we get where we are today?

S Murt says:

0.04 now of the REAL Bitcoin BTC boys, down a place in the charts and EOS soon to overtake. Bye bye scammy losers

Arthur Pug says:

So you're bank friendly now as long as they behave like coinbase & list BCH. Embarrassing

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