Bitcoin IS a Scam – Fiat Daily

Bitcoin IS a Scam – Fiat Daily

Bitcoin IS a Scam | Crypto Meme πŸ‘ Review πŸ‘ #00007

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Crypto Daily says:

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Andre de Jong says:

Apollo, Cardano, Digiyte, BABB and U Network will explode in 2019 just buy and hold

Gary Rosenbaum says:

What do you think about Ampleforth?

Wespa . says:

Taht wsa funeeyyy. Anks verr mucheeys. <3 Luvrs yuo.

Hammer Abram says:

Shill coin daily…. BSV is the real Bitcoin and Craig Wright is the real Satoshi.

Vinswalla says:

The return of FIAT daily.

Alpha Omega says:

Do not worry there are enough usd for everyone so you should be good.

MD Amaris says:


This is my ICON adress in case you do an ICX giveaway πŸ˜€

MD Amaris says:

still reminds me to Andi Kaufmann and his Alter Ego πŸ˜€

ellisromero says:

One of the best vids yet πŸ™‚

AussieCryptoSteve says:

Who is pewdiepie?

Electra Panther says:

Love your music M83 I have Victoria's secret fashion show killed it.

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