Bitcoin in India by Dhruv Rathee | What is Bitcoin? How to buy Bitcoin? Is it legal?

Bitcoin in India by Dhruv Rathee | What is Bitcoin? How to buy Bitcoin? Is it legal?

Everything you need to know about Bitcoin in India, you will learn in this video.

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All the questions that were answered

1. What is Bitcoin?

2. Who invented Bitcoin?

3. Why was Bitcoin

4. Is Bitcoin Legal?

5. How to buy and invest in Bitcoin in India?

6. What are the Taxes on Bitcoin?

7. What are the advantages of Bitcoin?

8. What are the downsides of Bitcoin?

9. Should you invest in Bitcoin?

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Desi Guy Reviews says:

Can you make a video of crypto status now in India

Amrita Sharma says:

Satoshi Nakamoto admi hai? Aurat bhi to ho skti hai

sohel damani says:

Dhruv please make a video on investment company taking money and promising huge returns and then turn out to be ponzi scheme, this is becoming a trend in many States specially in Bangalore. Companies like Ambident aala , Ajmera Groups, burraq and many more. These companies have duped thousands of people and thousands of crores have been in stake because of them many political and influenced people including govt official are involved in these scam. Please make a video of this , so that the government can take action and many of the poor investors money can be returned to them . I and my family are victims of this scam. You can call me or get information on YouTube too.
Please find out and help.

Praveen Kumar says:

Jaa khaale kutte ki goo
Billi paade sunghr too
Achhi lage to aur doo.
Chal tatti saale…..khud ke chaanel se delete kr diya …..aur yaha rkha hai

Sudip Roy says:

Very informative video

Sukrut Sawant says:

Sale ne khud k chanel se delete kiya hai

Sandesh Prasad says:

Surprise to see just 3000+ views!! Anyways, nice video, informative too! Good to know you too support cryptocurrency.

dipu jha says:

Without government regulations nothing is worked in india and it’s cause inflation

dipu jha says:

He was thinking he was very smart but its fully wrong

Bulu Patra says:

bit coin down hogaya bhai..or bit coin ko bahut sa gov eligle kar diya bhai
jo koi invest kiya hai..pucho jara…nahi to kisi stock invester ko pucho

Janit Kumar says:

Soon Jio coin is coming up in India

pushkar raj says:

Why it's not on Your Channel …. Information provided by you in this Video seems Wrong …. We can not do Bitcoin Purchase from India

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