Bitcoin Hasn't Done This Since 2013 According to Brian Kelly CNBC

Bitcoin Hasn't Done This Since 2013 According to Brian Kelly CNBC

Brian Kelly went on CNBC to discuss Bitcoin and how for the first time since 2013, Bitcoin is doing something different. Take a listen and find out what it is.

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Retrogamer Dell says:

this is the dumbest thing ever. a made up currency being worth all this money. wtf didn't i buy 5000 bitcoins when i could. dammit! lol

crypt0bank says:

#what do you do to kill btc?'…….. how ignorant can one be! And 'why' even suggest killing? This bullmarket will be like no other! Its a totally different ball game now compared to previous bullmarkets! Institutional fomo will be real!

Black Swan Steve says:

10 trillion market cap for Bitcoin , on the way folks!

indiekiduk says:

the problem with their fake story is we all know the china rally already happened

Nitzan Katzir says:

Appreciate you switching to short straight to the point videos!

vanessa baby says:

OMG !!! They are the most unprofessional scam site i have ever reviewed, i cant stop laughing because i wonder how any one will fall for a stupid trick like investing $5000 to earn $50,000? A client consulted me and ask for my help because she lost $5,000 to this site. I was able to advise and guild her and she got $4000 out of the initial. i'm willing to share my experience contact them via WhatsApp +917242352 on how to recover your lost investment (lost crypto) and what platform to invest.

Gravel Pit says:

Has Cardano reached the bottom of its shakeout, faux downtrend? Jeez, 50% down in one month for no reason at all. No news but good news, equals drop of 50%… ridiculous bro.



Raul Benitez says:

To all the rich greedy bitcoin manipulators. Please, STOP manipulating the BITCOiN price allow it to grow in value for
the sake of the average investor.

mattizzle Soda says:

All I know is that the next decade will be interesting. I am not expecting the magnitude of price appreciation that happened since 2009 where you could become a millionaire for almost no investment, but who knows.

Sharon Roets says:

Thank you for posting even though you aren't well.
Get well soon !!

The One says:

Bro you just played the news lol

thekreal says:

I dont understand how people say all these bad things are done with Bitcoin, when fiat money has done it all and paved that road.

Yair H. says:

And of course Bitcoin falls. Dam I wish these guys could keep their mouth shut about Bitcoin.

R James says:

Good video -👍 Talking of regulatory effect on price, it’s important to remember that crypto ‘prohibition’ and regulation can have the effect of restricting supply and driving up price.

For instance those with crypto may be reluctant to sell for fear of not being able to get back in, and exchanges may close making it more difficult to buy.

This scenario happened after the China restrictions in 2017 and during alcohol ‘prohibition’ in US in 1920’s. Prices rose substantially after each event 🌔..🛰

Marcus Wilson says:

your video on Charlie Lee and litecoin was disgusting George… you must be a real cuck to be so naive and prone to FUD

Noel G says:

Bitcoin need regulation to be free from taxation for buying goods and services.


Great video George, hope you get better we need that live stream.

James Benhart says:

We don't believe anything from cnbc…..says he following Bitcoin since 2013….liar…

Donovan wolf says:

Get well soon brotha

footbollpro says:

Alts Armageddon 🙁

How I made says:

hey cnbc buy xrp ath guy and do the opposite of what they say

Storm Trooper says:

Patents years ahead of competition. Off the highs over 4.50 now 2.30. Partnerships Google and Oracle among the many. This is project with big potential. I’m a buyer.

VentionMGTOW says:

Awesome. Thanks for sharing this one. Sounds like you're starting to recover from your cold.

Apatchy TV says:

The last dip is coming…

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