Bitcoin Goes Legit, but What’s the Catch?

Bitcoin Goes Legit, but What’s the Catch?

On Monday, the US Senate held its first ever hearing on Bitcoin, the virtual currency with a gross value of billions and an outlaw reputation.

Full CSPAN video here:

Despite links to black markets like the Silk Road, Bitcoin isn’t itself illegal – but financial regulators say that virtual currency operators must play by the rules. So what are those rules, and will Bitcoin survive the changes? Finally, should Bitcoin users be entitled to privacy in online transactions?

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ManuHernz says:

Bitcoin is a system that won't prevail, because it has many Achilles tendons, one of them is that is has its own inflation. How can this coin increase its own cost in many thousands of dollars? That's really ridiculous. Other problem is mining, which has become too hard, time and energy consuming. It has no control and regulations in a human standard and it has many risks and liberties for illegitimate business. In my country we are experiencing a new system based on the Human Capital, a Digital DNA, which will be controlled by the people in every single neighborhood and in every small community, where everybody knows each other and we know who's who. This leads to a parallel government with self control and self regulations according to the national coordination among communities.  

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Dash Perú says:

Bitcoin is not about anonymity, it's about fighting the fiat money scam. The feds are robbing us of our wealth and bitcoin is one of the best ways to prevent that scam.

Michael Wright says:

Uhhhh… the blockchain is a transaction record.

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