BITCOIN FAILED GOING BULL! – Crypto Market Trading Analysis & Cryptocurrency News

BITCOIN FAILED GOING BULL! – Crypto Market Trading Analysis & Cryptocurrency News

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today
How is Bitcoin doing these days ?

We have got what we have expected, never pretend from the market to complete your desires, it just follows brutally its natural movements, Bitcoin is just going its route without thinking at you or me, with this crash , we had a bunch of fan boys kicked in the ass!

That’s why we have to use technical analysis in order to understand the movements and control our desires based on what the market says, that’s how to make success out of this.

Let me know what do you think about the last details of the market analysis for the Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today



Scrembo Paul says:

No financial and investment advice, pure market & technical analysis of Bitcoin

margaret panitch says:

Great video

Ali Darjazi says:

Great video thanks πŸ‘Š

VARSE Vic says:

Like your videos Paul… Like your TA explanations. Keep on going!

S N says:

To me these analysis never meant anything, its all speculation of future. No point of this. Markets generally are driven by human abrupt behavior/emotion responding to bad or good breaking news, regulations and development/adoption, etc. Let alone manipulation if any. How can you calculate all of that uncertainty and predict future price movements based on these factors? Waste of time

Gaudenz Gaudenz says:

it helps! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»βœ…, thank you! great videos

prazertv says:

You are a crypto scammer. Why won't you return my ETH? I sent you ETH to invest in an ICO for me. You never got me any of the ICO tokens and now you won't return my ETH. You've also stopped responding to my emails. You're a crypto scammer. Where's my ETH?


Thanks for the heads up in bitcoins direction. Downright? Think it may go down over the weekend?

Crypto 00 says:

I would very much like to know where ur accent from πŸ™‚

Will Chu says:

Hey, thanks for the video and insight. May I ask what platform you use to buy crypto?

Hetman says:

Good stuff Paul

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