Bitcoin Could Go to $50,000 by End of 2020, Says Nexo’s Trenchev

Bitcoin Could Go to $50,000 by End of 2020, Says Nexo’s Trenchev

Jan.03 — Antoni Trenchev, co-founder of Nexo, discusses Bitcoin’s 9,000,000% rise in the last 10 years and his outlook for the cryptocurrency in 2020. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets: European Open.”



ConquerCrypto says:


Pops Febus says:

Its Alway "End of Year" wtf 🤬

Freddy Krueger says:

pump pump pump

Scott says:

I had beers and a meal with my partner in Mexico City and paid in seconds. Sure it wasn’t confirmed on the blockchain but the merchant was happy to see the transaction was sent to the blockchain.

Mahmut Koroglu says:

Beginning of 2021 is probably 18k btc

kmusic says:

That's actually on point.. and that's not even the end of the bull run…

Alexander Elbanna says:

Great Video Bloomberg! Great interview!

Paul Wood says:

100,000,000 satoshis in 1 Bitcoin. Correct me if I'm wrong.

jason618 says:

Nope to 50 this guy has his head up his ass. When a bank can lend a cryptocurrency and make interest is when it will bull up.

David Norton Frost says:

There is no doubt that after the massive rally and the persistent support above $7,000, bitcoin is poised for further upward movement and coupled with the recent news, the US will trigger the next bull run which is taking effect already. This is one of the best times the last couple of months to invest more in btc and build a strong portfolio. I am doing this by trading and with Sebastian Wigman’s signal trading system, I have been doing pretty well in achieving my goals having made profit of more than 5 btc in the last 3 weeks. The idea should be to learn as much as possible while building a strong portfolio of the asset and my approach has been very favorable for me. Sebastian can be reached on Whatsaap (+31 97005034459) or Telegrm (@wigmans) for any crypto related assistance

Just A Regular Gamer says:

I mean who once said Bitcoin will see 50k by the end of 2019……now 2020…….i will predict that someone in 2021 will say by the end of 2021 BTC will hit 50k

DrunkSheep101 says:

Bitcoin could go to 1000 dollar, i also have been "crunching the numbers" and "DoIn vErY sUbsTaNtiAl rEsEarCh".

Pedro Roque says:

Here we go again lol

Muratoya Muratoya says:

Why doesnt someone say: lets stop talking about bitcoin.. no one knows what it will do tomorrow, or end of the year. Spend your breath to pump up balloons. Much better. Only davincij15 knows whazzz haappnin with bitcoin!


Bitcoin is a giant pump and dump. Those that got in early are cashing out. Demand is down and the halving is already priced in. The Bitcoin price is too unstable for mass adoption.

Van Cuong Truong says:


CryptoJustinUK says:

It is too slow, cannot scale that is why BTC has not been adopted, You need to look at XRP, that's 1000 times faster and cheaper and can scale up to 65,000+ transactions per second

Dennis says:

Wow never heard that comparison with dollar/german mark, that hilarious.

Tyler Hill says:

there are differences between digital currency and cryptocurrency. They use the words interchangeably in this video. Key difference between digital an cryptocurrency is that digital currency encompasses cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Most fiat currencies are already digital for the most part. What china is creating is a new fiat currency that is purely digital, they will not issue physical cash, and it will be a system that will allow them to have total full control of where, who, what, when all this money moves around. It is a pure centralized currency. Whereas cryptocurrencies are the complete opposite of what China is creating. Decentralized (nobody is in control), predefined set of rules that can't be changed by anybody, and has some anonymity to it depending on the cryptocurrency.

WhispersOnLy says:

Bitcoin: Nothing Crypto about it, terrible as a currency 💯

Zola GB says:

Jon snow no i need only Jesus’s prediction pls

Marcin Cebula says:

That makes no sense. There is $5 trillion of physical currency in the world. That would value bitcoin at +10 trillion, meaning every person in the world would have to put all their money into bitcoin and borrow the rest.

Deividas Tamasauskas says:

Without being told,only genius can comprehend meaning of the VERY 1st number 1=10,00.00000… 🤫

Fr3d Des!gn says:

who's ready to see John McAfee eat his own (you know what) at the end of 2020? lol

David Fernandez says:

Buy and hold And stop Listening to this fools about price prediction. Hodl with money you don’t need

peter hansen says:

Or the same wild guesses. Heard the same last year. It could also fail to ever go high

比特彭 Crypto Peng says:


Andre Salazar says:

TWO stocks to avoid in 2020 = Tesla & Bitcoin (one makes zero profits, while pumping-up INVESTORS to continue bankrolling the lifestyle of the company’s board members vs. you can’t invest in anything that’s unregulated & unprotected by the government/SEC, that can be EASILY stolen from you without any trace &/or records) = the market will crash this year & if you’re caught holding these bags you’re going to be treated like you just stole something! #beware When someone TELLS you to BUY anything EVER, always walk away immediately! #ScamAlert

XRP 1 %er says:

One Coin to Bridge them All

E 10 says:

Dont buy..

Just wait untel your boss pays you
Bitcoin money..

If the dallor is remove..
Then nobody is going to work untel you get paid money.

Which is bitcoin if its goes down.

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