Bitcoin Cash News: Hard Fork – ABC VS SV, 1000+% HASH Rate Jumps & How Does Roger Deal With Hate?

Bitcoin Cash News: Hard Fork – ABC VS SV, 1000+% HASH Rate Jumps & How Does Roger Deal With Hate?

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All the latest Bitcoin Cash news presented this week by Roger Ver, CEO of and Daniel Kelman, international lawyer and solicitor & long time friend of Roger and

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Full Show Notes

► HARDFORK | The Bitcoin Cash blockchain upgraded
At approximately 1:00 p.m. EST the first ABC block was found by the mining pool at block height 556767.
After the first block was mined, Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu congratulated on Twitter.


► COINSPICE | Live Stream BCH Fork Hash War saw over 3K Viewers at peak


► POOL.BITCOIN.COM | Surpassed 4000 Ph/s
The Bitcoin.Com Pool held more hash rate than the entire BCH network!
More electricity than the hoover dam!


►ROSETTA COFFEE | Will pay their farmers with Bitcoin Cash and Cryptocurrencies
Specialty coffee company based in Virginia, and North Carolina
Farmers can choose to be paid for their coffee in Bitcoin Cash, allowing them to receive payments instantly and in full.


►BCH ATMS | Now over 1,200 Bitcoin Cash ATMs Worldwide
The website at surpasses 1,200 ATMs around the globe.
Over 4,000 cryptocurrency ATM’s bringing crypto to people all over the world.
Add your ATM to the list on Coin ATM Radar app or those accepting BCH onto the Marco Coino app!


► Bitcoin.Com | Twitter and Instagram


► Illustrated Satoshi White Paper | Comics Legend Scott McCloud
The Satoshi Nakamoto white paper was recently illustrated by comics legend Scott McCloud
Read here:

► RORY MACDONALD | Joins the Podcast
Rory joined’s Matt Aarron on the Podcast this week
Rory has become the defacto “Bitcoin Guy” in the MMA circuit. The current Bellator Welterweight World Champion


►Voltaire.Cash | Launching Developer API with low fee trading
Its low level, OpenAPI 3.0 compliant API claims to have “innovative and industry standard features”.

► FreeRoss | Surpasses 100K signatures on petition
You can share the petition online to show your support for Ross and the team working to reach a new goal of 150K
@Free_Ross on Twitter, #FreeRoss on Social


► CashGames.Bitcoin.Com | Play Games with Bitcoin Cash!
At least 99% expected return on all games!
Instant payouts with No registration


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Turbo Tastic says:

Seems like you forgot the Jan links, don't see them

btc_real says:

Oohh my word, those DMs. That is crazzzzy. I apologies Roger on behalf of all the sane people on the Crypto Universe. Thank you for rescuing the BCH community from the cult of Crazy. That amount of hash was awesome.

Fatal Fury says:

I'm shorting bitcoin cash it work great. Shorting is great as BCH does not worth a dime…

Luis Garcia says:

Sorry BCH Jesus but you and Faketoshi just messed things up for everyone, but I have GREAT NEWS!
SMARTCASH for the entire world; Forbes magazine has mentioned 3 TIMES, Jeffrey Tucker said that it WILL CHANGE THE WORLD, and right now SmartCash is not only keeping its price but it’s moving against the down trend.
SmartCash is Trezor Ready, Available to be use trough SMS, it’s PoS and PoW, it has almost 20,,000 SmartNodes, it’s unbelievable FAST and it’s driven by an outstanding COMMUNITY.Switch to SmartCash and embrace the future 😎

MoneyIsSilver says:

So why some creepy looking lawyer in all your videos now, Roger? Is he your handler?

Rumchops says:

I wish roger would stop bringing the drug dealing business in to the light on these thiings. While i agree that it's unjust and extreme and the man should be free. That's simply not an attitude the world is ready to accept. Drugs are inked to so many problems in or society and people are dead set against them catagorically and are massivly put off by this line. IIt's damaging marketing. People just are not ready to accept this stance yet and it's a losing battle for the forseeable future

bob ami says:

if you people think that BCH crashed the market then you guys are just ignoring what is going on around crypto. just ask BAKKT and fidelity. we buy BTC at a high price but sure as hell those 2 don't. they'll do anything to crash things so they can buy cheep . and the SEC attacking the ICO'S so everyone is in panic mode.

909sickle says:

My grandma always said, ‘A Hoover dam a day keeps the SV away.’

Nate Russell says:

He's insecure because he knows no one likes him. Wonder if he even glances at the comments on these videos anymore, verdict is in bro. You're a lame.

Crypt0k1ng UnBankd [ŁTC] says:

I keep getting the Your region has reached maximum amount of claims

Trying to get the free bitcoin cash.

chase wade says:

Lol all these months yet still so very pathetic.

Johnathan Phillips says:

"HAHAHAHAHAH HOOVER DAM EVERYDAY AHHHHHHHH HAHAHA HOOVER DAM DAY". These are our evil geniuses of the modern day.

Crypto Batman says:

why is it nobodys business where the hash power came from??? not so transparent after all eh? You guys talk about censorship but when we ask where the hash power came from and proof of where it came from you tell everyone its nobodys business to shut people up because ur hiding something of course, people are not dumb roger. Also the reason why bch gets attack so much is because of crap like this that ruins and dilutes the market and makes everyone run away and gives crypto a bad name. O heres another one how about when you mentioned "Rosetta Coffee will pay their farmers in bitcoin" and you verbally added cash to the title! Also are you guys saying you cant use Bitcoin to pay on!! Wow a new level of low for roger: Promoting Prostitution! I think you should be ashamed of yourself for the women and kids watching this.

Las mejores canciones música urbana says:

How To Sand A Floor says:

Man, have you ever seen a better pitch for gambling than a completely honest up front confession that in the long run the house wins. But if the house does win they will use that money to spread free money to the world! I feel I should play as a matter of duty!

It would be great to get Daniels view on Craig’s claim that DSV renders BCH ‘illegal’. Afaik, bch could already do DSV, the op code just makes it easier, was bitcoin illegal all along? Poppycock. Let us hear your thoughts Daniel!

Alvis Vītols says:

more hard forks = less children in Africa are dying right Roger?

busymountain says:

How come Craig is Still Tweeting ABC demise?

LongJohnCrypto says: – Official Channel Roger, do you have a newbie forum where people may ask questions? I would like to signup merchants to accept Bitcoin Cash ABC but they are not educated enough to make a decision. I can educate them but I would like to be able to refer them to citations online.

maz shaun says:

Having researched a lot over these last 2 weeks and obviously all that has been happening in these past few days regarding the BCH Hard fork. it's a shame it had ot come to this and all the Internal fighting in BCH. I am now leaning far more towards BCH SV. Roger you're always talking about the Satoshi White paper and Bitcoin being True payment cash system and on chain scaling etc and i see BCHSV is doing all that . However, I think you really know that BCH is really more following the Bitcoin Protocol system far more than BCHABC. I also believe many more people who were yours and jihan supporters are actually waking up to more truths as days go by. The Moves BCHABC made like adding centralised checkpoints and many other stuff total opposite of the BTC vision is quite shocking.

Roger, I believe many people have now lost a lot of faith in you mate and if you have a conscience which i know you do, then you really must be feeling that pressure and i'm sure there is a lot of Cognitive dissonance with you right now. As much as I think that CW can really come across as being very arrogant and obnoxious at times i believe he really knows what he's talking about and should now be even more taken seriously. This is surely gonna be a long battle which IMHO BCHSV will win.

So I implore people to really study and research what is going on behind the scenes as this can be quite complex also. However, Just sticking to the basics I truly believe BCHSV will be the one carrying on the True Bitcoin VIsion.

Also check this link out folks. Taking care of business.

LongJohnCrypto says:

Roger Ver, is txhighway still valid?

N O says:

Thanks for the updates!, The past war was really bloody. Could these happen again in the future or are they ways to prevent this? Thank you.

Renaissance Novice says:

ABC and SV both need to revert to pre-fork rules now. BCH is crashing and the public has lost faith due to the petty infighting. Just prior to the fork, the price pumped up by roughly 50% because people were hoping one side would blink. That didn't happen and now the value of BCH is down almost 40% of the pre-pump value. It's almost a third of the high price during the pump. The market has made it very clear BCH was better before the split. I say revert back and work together on a compromise plan for 6 months from now. There's no rush to change the coin, particularly if the changes kill off trust on it. It's not too late to win back the public.

lucysluckyday says:

What are these guys happy about? BCH has gone from $636 to $246 in under a fortnight, and they are now also killing BTC's price in the process. The only crypto benefitting is XRP. Unbelievable and irresponsible! XRP will be unstoppable for the number 1 position now .. it's a travesty!

blacktechhack says:

The only change that those forks make is only for your own pockets…

samacumen says:


Nicholas Peter says:

3:44 totally agree. Being open minded and opinion fluid is the way to be in order to grow and have real discussion

Boogers Guy says:

Where's my favorite Hash Ware drinking buddy?

Cornealius C says:


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