Bitcoin Cash Leads Crypto Rally, First Token on an Exchange, Giveaway Winners Announced and more!

Bitcoin Cash Leads Crypto Rally, First Token on an Exchange, Giveaway Winners Announced and more!

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►BITCOIN CASH | Leads Cryptocurrency Market Rally
Bitcoin Cash jumped well over 50% April 2nd (within 24 hours) leading the cryptocurrency rally.


►BITCOIN CORE (BTC) | Growing Network Congestion
With the increase in prices and transactions across the crypto space, Bitcoin Core is already showing significant network congestion, with a growing number of “unconfirmed” transactions in the BTC mempool.


►BLOCKCHAIN | Docu-series Released on Amazon Prime
The 6 episode docu-series “Rizki Presents: Blockchain” focuses on how Blockchain technology can change the current fiat system.


►CRESCENT CASH | Cash Account Native Wallet
The new open source bitcoin cash (BCH) wallet called Crescent Cash which uses the Cash Accounts protocol by default.


►HONEST CASH | Adds Paywalls to the Platform
CEO Adrian Barwicki recently introduced the upgrade, hoping the paywalls will provide users with ‘direct sales’ from writer to reader, enabling content creators to generate an additional income, potentially leading to a primary income.


►FREE ROSS | Petition Passes 150,000 Signatures
The Free Ross petition has just surpassed 150k signatures.
You can sign the petition in an effort to get to 200k, as well as send Ross personal mail as well as sending books from Amazon.


►MERIT | 1st SLP Token Listed On Exchange
Liberland token has been listed on the first exchange. Find the tokens here:

► Get 15-30% off Amazon Purchases using Bitcoin Cash at

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Bitcoin is one of the most transformative technologies since the invention of the Internet. stands firmly in support of financial freedom and the liberty that Bitcoin provides globally for anyone to voluntarily participate in a permissionless and decentralized network that empowers people to not be marginalized by governments and financial institutions. Bitcoin is freedom.

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Ken French says:

Fuck bitcoin

Patrick M says:

Great update guys! You're making such great progress with BCH! Proud to be a BCH owner! Thought for sure I was going to win some swag. Maybe nest time!

Cute Loli says:

There's also a new streaming service coming to Bitcoin Cash at

Bob Sacamano says:

bcash bcash bcash! bcash bcash btrash…b-ass! roger ver rage quit video ! don't you know who i am? how much money do you have? hahahahaha big baby roger cwying to his mama!!!

Justin Chris says:

You're a fuckin douchebag. Btrash Sucks ballsacks

Aotman El-amrani says:

😂😂😂LTC has been leading the way it’s up by nearly 300% this year

Hubert Koop says:

According to statistics bitcoin is still going to go higher and the best thing to do at this moment is to invest what we hold in our wallet.
As a new bee watched videos on here and came across pro trader Josephine Raymond in the comment section of one of these videos.
She helped me gain 9Btc investing just 2Btc in one week. You can reach her on to know more about her
winning strategies.

Charlie Rocket says:

bcash better stop pretending its btc ahahah

Spencer G says:

Once again more Roger Ver lies, BTC mempool cleared many hours ago. Speed is a function of price and competition, Roger is clearly a closet socialist who wants to socialize the costs with free fees regardless of demand. That's socialist and hardly free market economics.,2d

Rammsteincho says:

Can't wait for larger exchanges to start supporting SLP tokens!

Shane Killian says:

From what I could tell, it was Dash leading the rally, growing for something like a week before the other cryptos caught up. You didn't have that sudden jump with Dash because it was already there. And Dash had a lot of good announcements: new exchanges, new merchants and PoS systems, a new version of the software with advances like ChainLocks, the activation of automatic InstantSend, it makes sense it would be a good week for them. So I think Dash is the leader here.

busymountain says:

Calvin Ayers and Craig Wright and company do not seem the type to play. Can you please boost confidence against their threats of patents infringement. Thank you

Will Bradbury says:

All this great news proves to me that BCH is on the way to No. 1 for market cap in the next 18 months!!!!
Also very excited to start tradings SLP tokens in the near future – Merit is the 1st of many opportunities. 😏


J says:

Great video you guys! Keep it up 🙂 BCH has always been a great experience!

Patrik Banek says:

Awesome stuff keep it up, congratulations on 20K subs !

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