Bitcoin back in rally mode: What's behind the monster move higher?

Bitcoin back in rally mode: What's behind the monster move higher?

Stocks sink, and bitcoin soars. What’s behind the move? With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Karen Finerman, Dan Nathan and Guy Adami.



Jason Chevez says:

Don't even talk about Bitcoin you guys are morons just stick to the regular Market

Lptinvestor says:

Those who missed the move……………..

"Bitcoin is a scam!! Bitcoin is a fraud!!! Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme!!"

Autistic Cat says:

Lmao you all dont know shit

Autistic Cat says:

Lmao not a single thing said in this video was true

Phenomenal says:

I TRY TO LEARN DAN!!!!πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏβœŒπŸΏβœŒπŸΏ

Ralph Martinez says:

Currently picking out my Bugatti on their website. I own .2 bitcoin and ready for my life as a millionaire.

peter 3465342477 says:

bunch of clowns

Nat N says:

do not talk about a subject that none of your panelists has any clue. It makes you sound so unprofessional.

Just-Wondering Around says:

These clowns deserve to eat their shit.

Muratoya Muratoya says:

Always "FUN" to watch cnbc. Not that its informative and reliable. Just fun.

John Yap says:

Clowns at their work again~

desperateboy says:

These guys not knowing what they are talking about is a blessing in disguise for bitcoiners

joku says:

Bitcoin is a complete scam!

Hunter Hofman says:

all of them but that one guy at the end are clueless on bitcoin…. if i could pay for everything in bitcoin i would 100%

Joon Lee says:

I think it is fantastic that the reporters who represent the traditional finance people have NO IDEA about crypto. The more they have no idea the more the asset will be mispriced.

Long blockchain, short bankers

Hey Man says:

Stupid Americans


Not a lot of volume ? We're at a record high in volume. Never seen before. "Bitcoin conference" lol

These guys know jack shit about cryptos. They were bashing them for over a year.


They have no clue what bitcoin is and what it will become over the coming years

BPN Racing says:

Aren't these clowns wrong 90 percent of the time?


Lol CNBC kill me with they news

jimmy arias says:

Here comes the scam again, let the tools go buy now.

Adrian Bartlett says:

We have hit cnbc – best is yet to come

s trav says:

So they only pump bitcoin when it’s mooning? Lol. What fraud scammers

2fer one says:

Clam down folks. We don't want too many people getting wise about btc all at once now. Panel working as intended.

Daniel P says:

Bitcoin has entered no dip algorithm. Not even CNBC can make it dump

Classborn says:

When Tom Lee ?

Second Take says:

Just bought some more Bitcoin, hope the trends continue.

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