Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies explained for beginners

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies explained for beginners

Bitcoin has been all over the news in recent days, reaching all-time highs then dropping thousands in minutes. So what is the hype all about?



Kevin Phoenix says:

The Central Banks 🏦 are colluding to monetize their debts and so inflating away any hope of real savings 💰

quintilian says:

Bitcoin is a huge waist of time.

Alexis Zaldivar says:

When you wish to gain the right way to gain BTC you simply want to lookup for " bitcoin pranaholistico " in Google or Yahoo. I hope you will get them too.

Morty Schoonover says:

A really good p2p platform for me is either paxful or localbitcoins, id prefer paxful since they have better support response.

Carl Hilary says:

Every single day people put their money in the banks to earn .00001% back . ANNUALLY! And you people think .90% daily is unsustainable? Bitcoin is going to be $57,500 per by December 1st 2018.. BTC is making hand over fist in revenue from the exchange and the rise of their own token alone.. Cryptocurrency is the future so I suggest any business minded person, newbie or beginner in crypto currency should try every possible means of contacting Mr crow via cryptocrow800(at)gmail. com for his mining software because it has made me thousands of dollar in just 3 weeks

J.R.C.S Productions says:

Anyone here because you’re a fan of collider video and trying to find out what tf crypto currency is lol

Anteroization says:

in puerto rico , one year after the effect of the storm named maria, a small group of taxis in tourist areas are starting to ok the use of bitcoins to pay fare, i am talking this july 2018. this got me interested and curious to investigate more, why because i buy my clothing/shoes from small sellers online. person to person.

Amazighia says:

I see that it ia the future currency in the new online businesses.

Broyka says:

are you a beginner in bitcoin mining ?? Mrs Ryan is the best female teacher as for now

Debora Sinclair says:

Simple and clear explanation. Thank you

Iroegbulam DANIEL Philip says:

Have you heard of the Chill Project? This is marketing/advertisement made easy through blockchain… This coin is storming to the Moon… JOIN US now!

incendie21 says:

I come from the future, and i have very good news. Bitcoin is now at an all time high of 1 bitcoin = $8.75 dollars. Almost a week ago 1 bitcoin was worth $0.01 dollars, it's over 9000 percent!!!

I have to go back to the future now. Bye bye

Yeyen Cu says:

i still don't get the where the worth/value of the bittcoin comes from, unlike our regular money that is value by the amount of gold that we can buy with our money (gold is rare and valuable because it's a very useful metal). if bitcoin is limited to 21000. this 21000 digital coin where do they come from? and what do this coin represent? how do this digital coin be usefull for our everyday life?

Tee H says:

And if the servers crash? If you can't understand something, avoid it.

The One Who Is Better Than You says:


Oops did I write that? I’ll probably dissapear once they see the comment.

moon elf says:

it is not yet known (may never be known) if satoshi is only one person..and the energy use concerns are being addressed in the form of new solutions..information is changing all the time – one has to keep up with Bitcoin and other crypto-currency news almost always daily.

Hannibal Barqa II says:

Garbage don't buy or export your wealth to foreign nations

Etho C says:

Can't wait for the bubble to burst so I can buy a GPU at decent prices….

logical canuck says:

I think it's just hype, then then that's just me.
You did well on producing this video…upbeat, good graphics👍
I posted one as well, much less pro Bitcoin and you might find a few interesting points put forth in it.

Jon Do says:

I think it's a new way to waste energy for profit.

imran4006 says:

Anything that will have value at the end is only Gold and Silver.

Daniel H says:

I don't get how solving equations gets you bitcoin. Can someone explain?

Don The Con says:

This channel is trying to the Turkish al-Jazeera😂 😂 😂 😂

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