Bitcoin and Crypto Market CRASH – Will History Repeat on Nov 15th?

Bitcoin and Crypto Market CRASH – Will History Repeat on Nov 15th?

Today the Bitcoin and crypto market turns ugly and lost over 10 billion dollars overnight. What is going on? Is history repeating itself? I’m going to connect the dots on some interesting things coming up, especially on November 15th of this month.

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CryptosRUs says:

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Amin G says:

Bitcoin soon will be available below 4000 $ to 3700 $ by February 2019. So wait till then to buy

Fatal Fury says:

We are lower then last year .This bear market will last for years.If you think we are going above 6k this year think again.good luck and good bye.

Croon Van der Zeyderheide says:

Look at $Tgame Thank me later

Croon Van der Zeyderheide says:

In panic I sold my money for Bitcoin

zack paul says: has proven track records, check them out today.

I don't give a Fork says:

Change to the new Ripple XRP horse and put Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash out of it's misery.

Cheah CS says:

Why should a string of alphanumeric characters not backed by any real government be worth anything?

david rogers says:

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Davis danko says:

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Harold Truong says:

Yeah, the US dollar is only worth something because we all agree it is worth something. However, the US dollar is backed by the full faith and credit of 300+ million hard working Americans of the most powerful nation on the planet. Bitcoin is backed by a few thousand guys sitting at their computers in their underwear in their mother's basement. I know that's kind of harsh but I made it so to illustrate the point that Bitcoin is just like tulips back in Holland in the 17th century.

Ben John says:

I don't know if anyone is interested in bitcoin script,i get a script from Yang and it earn me 1.5 bitcoin

Marshall Somervell says:

Who cares if it goes down ,,, this market is young , it will bounce back when the tech goes mainstream ,, it may take months/years but it will get there. … just be patient .

david camicia says:

Hey George still a bull ? Still believe in a 1 trillion market by the end of the year ? Still telling your believers to buy , buy, buy?

gamecredits bittrex says:

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Saimir says:

wassup wassup wassup wassuuuuup

누나가 들려주는 블록체인 says:

It's a rap dedicated to Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of BitCoin

Ovidiu Supică says:

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internetlord kelvin says:


Danny Fisher says:

The only way you will loose any money is to sell… hold it!

Garry Arnephy says:

Sounds like a total manipulation to me, looks like the 14 Billion might just flood back into the Cryptos again, we could see a higher Bitcoin price

king cat says:

The only thing that matters is buying volume and the strength of a bounce with conviction like in February this year. The 6k low in Feb saw a proper bounce with 125k bitcoins bought up and April this year around 45k bitcoins on the bounce, the next one will probably be half again. That is called declining volume and declining interest. Unless you see huge green volume bars bouncing off support in the range of 100k+ bitcoins bought up then it's dead cat and it's going down. That is all there is to say. The charts don't lie. Volume is interest.

Jennifer Sanchez says:

It's time to shop!!!

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