Bitcoin – Altcoins- What to Expect

Bitcoin – Altcoins- What to Expect

Bitcoin – Altcoins- What to Expect

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– Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.

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Crypto Daily says:

1st Song – Veorra –

2nd Song – Fergie –

3rd Song – Cascada –

Mainline2U says:

Please don't follow the Doug Polk Crypto workout routine!
He's getting in shape, but not doing vids.
Keep doing vids daily Daily! Eventually you can pay someone to work out for you! πŸ˜‰

sean W akaworthlessfiat says:

Not financial advice . I need 17 more Etherum to get 32 for staking. I have bags packed for the XRP take off. Just buy more xrp or go for the eth , btc

MrPikkabo says:

No weights in the gym lol hope Arthur liquidates you

Surreal Nirvana says:

How did you become my second favorite youtuber?
( sorry, pewdiepie will always be number 1)

jeremy labreche says:

any donnation plz i lost all and small ammount will be help me a lot btc

Arthur Mcgonnell says:

bitcoin dominance 49.8% on coinGecko…thumbs up&cheers

Andrew Freeman says:

ispy a Boosted board Yaaah Cam's a Skater!!

Chris Probst says:

is that 7 foot ceiling?

Neil Manning says:

Always been a big fan but the comedic style over content has seriously devalued the channel. Need more variety, need some serious crypto insight with less comedic spin. At the moment daily edits and presents shows that can make u laugh but provide little insight or education. You need to step up and provide strong opinion into the crypto space to be up there with the best!

pablo escobar says:

Download the app and sign up, it's super easy. You can use my referral link with my referral code: QYNZ7ZKFYT


David Herbert says:

Safe travels and thanks again for the content/info!

Supur Man says:

Expect a Miracle

Inoshikacho Inoshikacho says:

Ok. First time viewer… I love the music 😭πŸ”₯

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