“Anonymous: What Is BitCoin? What You Didn’t Know.”

“Anonymous: What Is BitCoin? What You Didn’t Know.”

“Anonymous: What Is BitCoin? What You Didn’t Know.”

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Anonymous Global says:

What Is Bitcoin? Who Was The Mysterious Founder?

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Angel Duran says:

Bad day for some a great day for outhers

grimSage says:

This comment section is full of truthers and religious conspiracy theorists. Not very often I come across that type of cancer, smh.
"Mark of the beast" and "easier slaves" bs.. do some research on the wealth gap and basic looks at shit.. the U.S. worker on average produces 64$/hr, do your wages accurately reflect that? At the bare minimum you can certainly broadly look at American wages and say that for plenty of us, they don't. The real "wake up call" is against your elected politicians and inequality, stop fucking yourself and the rest of us and band together. Your rapture fetish is just that, self-made torture porn justifying what part of your life you've wasted in glorifying an apocalypse.

ไบŒๅฎฎ็ซ ๅญ says:


Llonewolf #1 says:


Sunny Days says:

Who cares we got rich๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Sundaresan .N says:

I hope satoshi must be watching this right now, somewhere like we do.

nathan glover sr. says:

And ppl think there's no admin backdoor in a land of digital money. Many types of digital money out there now, why? They've been hacked. Black hat hackers can get in… what do uthnk white hat hackers will do? If it's in a computer, another computer can take it out. To think it's impossible is folly. Ppl achieve the "impossible" DAILY

1234constantine says:

My favorite thing that bankster do is loan out money they don't really have. It is called fraud if we do it, but they only have to have 10% of what they loan out to others. which means they can loan $100.00 out to borrowers while only having $10.00 in their bank account. Seems like printing money without gold to back it is fraudulent as well. It has no value if it isn't backed by gold. paper money is supposed to be a note–which is a short for promissory note. It means it promises to pay you if you present it for gold instead of paper. No one ever does that, but that is how far away from the original system we have come. Criminal.

xr28y ge3fl1 says:

Lawsky is a perfect example of government corruption. This alone should be more than enough to challenge the license laws in Federal Court.

Benjamin Bills says:

i think a western union is more then 10$

GDL Reporter says:

It is the mark we all have it

aaron dunne says:

Don't be fooled by this shit ,,another Illuminati plan for a cashless Society ,, wake up people,

Bobby Collins says:

right.. 911 would've never occurred if shadow demolishers were not permitted by(?)… to rig the twin towers and building 7, fund some group to obtain vehicles to fly into buildings, and pay throngs of covert people involved in this schema! Before government officials insist on erroneously and misleadingly continuing to use 911 as an example for their own agendas, which 911 actually gave them the current oversight to abscond endeavors by entrepreneurs , this 'mystery' of 911 still needs to be clarified!

James Osborne says:

if there is a cap on bitcoin, then when that cap is reached, what will incentivise the mining servers to check the ledger and keep things accurate if there is no longer a reward?

Chris Dragotta says:

Why can't a network be hacked?

JC420NME says:


peralta2912 says:

Please someone explain how BitCoin will help me with getting my money back if i am ripped off by a dishonest seller of a product, as much as i hate PayPal or credit card's there is someone to turn to if this happens. and you have a chance to get money back, does this happen with BitCoin? Why is nobody talks about criminals using this form of currencies, wow no money trail for Drug selling, arms dealing, Kidnapping, extortion, all kinds of White collar crimes, to me this is the NWO trying to control currency, there will be only so much money in the world, no more, no less. its like telling me as a corp i can only grow as far as because you have reached your limit because we said so. Who will protect this, Anonymous, LMAO, Bitinstant looks to bridge to monetary worlds with a BitCoin Credit Card.lmao

tyler wilson says:

They live so b prepared,god bless,

Elvira Arriaga says:

Anonymous Anons have the Best Videos on the Internet

DigitalNinja says:

And now in 2018 we have something called #Barterdex. It is a peer to peer exchange which enables users to trade any enabled coin to any other. It uses a cross chain protocol to "atomic swap" coins user to user. there is no 3rd party there is no website it is all 100% decentralised. you essentially trade from private wallet to private wallet. At no point does anyone control your funds but you, Think Utorrent but for Crypto. You can now trade without trusting anyone and the regulators can do nothing about it because it is border less and cannot be shut down as it has no central point. It is available to use right now. Search for Barterdex. This could well become the new silk road a peer to peer app. when you combine this with anon Crypto it gets even better. Enjoy

Juanita LillianAva Reid Reid says:

Awesome Video
๐ŸŒตBitcoin – I Love To Play With WORDS – Jokingly๐ŸŒต
Bitcoin ๐ŸŒ Coin BITES
The Coin That BITES
Interpret As You Will๐Ÿ‘

creg hallows says:

fuc coinbase then

alexandra gato says:

This matrix is sick and no longer serves humanity or any good purpose!

Lokstar* Megatronix says:

Yet another white man scam….the tricksters never sleep…..just like evil….

Lokstar* Megatronix says:


sweety black says:

THESE HIGH AND MIGHTY aholes in the federal government talk about money laundering dont they realize all the cartels do it in large amounts like the hotels down in Cancun where every room is sold out every day even though no one is occupying 1/4 of the rooms or the truckers that get offered to drive brand new trucks for 1/2 of their wages for four years..Our government will never be able to completely stop anything guns,drugs,illegal aliens,money laundering with out totally doing mind control on everyone in this country,, nothing will change ,,and with all the corruption in government ,they act like SOME are NOT in bed with the mafia …How`s the saying go in politics it is not what crimes you do it is what crimes you are caught doing …the system has always been setup to take care of their own.. i believe a lot of judges local officials , senators and congressmen are on the take but that they are smart enough not to get caught doing it

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