8 Ways Bitcoin will Change the World

8 Ways Bitcoin will Change the World

Bitcoin has a real potential to change the world in so many ways, that is hardly even imaginable. We choose the top 8 ways we think cryptocurrencies will help the cause of humanity.

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Ian Green says:

Very strong American accent. This video could do well with a well – spoken and enthusiastic African voice.

Familytime1 says:

Great explanation…now everyone spread the word/video

damnright4 says:

I love crypto and BCH but I dont see where its really Peer to Peer.. As long as there are Centralized Exchanges, its NOT Peer to Peer…

Nandi Bear says:

Very cool video. Very easy to watch, very useful information and entertaining. When I get questions from people wanting to know more about Bitcoin (BCH) I'll share this video with them. Thanks!

Sk Alam says:

what a great thing!

Jaspir says:

Great video but so many people are going to be confused between BTC & BCH I sure wish Roger Ver would just change the name, logo & website. Thereโ€™s gonna be so many more people jumping into the space within the weeks to months to years to come! Itโ€™s just going to be too confusing to them.

Sheri U says:

Love BitcoinCash (BCH) cheaper, faster and more privacy to boot ๐Ÿ˜

Bill Boss says:

Bitcoin Cash.

zod is my god says:

It has revolutionized crime and will act as a dictators nest egg.

MrErface says:

Nice video, and of course the are a lot of areas where btc can improve our lives!

CryptoAngels says:

We are all in this together to spread awareness! Great video guys! maybe add Litecoin and other mineable options.


Do Something For India




Super Vedio

Sergio Rodriguez says:

In Future Videos – Please Replace the Wording from "Bitcoin" – to – "Bitcoin Cash" – For Example: "8 Ways Bitcoin Cash will Change the World" – Other wise, you are just giving Free Promotion to (BTC) and the Newbies will go straight to BTC.

j K says:

Nice video. BITCOIN will definitely change the world! Though, It would have been nice to mention the difference between the original true Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash…For the sake of transparency, bcash should be promoted with bcash.com and not bitcoin.com . Too confusing for people new to the space. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mike Malley says:

Why is Bitcoin Cash BCH not showcased? BTC is the LN settlement layer, high fee version of Bitcoin. It's not for spending.

Liteoshi says:

Buy BTC and use it when transaction fees are low. When BTC transaction fees are high, use LTC or BCH for micropayments.
Just don't get fooled by only holding BCH or LTC, it's great to make payments but terrible for storing value.
Do you own research, the information is all on the internet.
Don't trust anyone.

Enzofer 212 says:

The bitcoin cash society is no better than the flat earth society

Brett Holt says:

Super awesome video, keep them going
BTC >> 3NVdFz1HiMo59UwNqN4J4mxvdmHxPcKG9a

Carl Arriaza says:

Kinda shocked you all are talking BTC and not talking Bcash.

Rendy Marandhika says:

bitcoin = millenial money

Euclides Zoto says:

Unfortunately not everyone accepts change. That may be bitcoins biggest obstacle.

Enzofer 212 says:

2:35 No inflation!!!!! The fake bitcoin you created in 2017 is an attempt to double the supply!!

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